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Franchise Opportunities

Creating an equal opportunity to the right to education

The GUILD International College (TGIC) is poised to share its success in new markets with the
growing demand for quality and proven record in special needs education. If you have a passion
for education, coupled with strong business acumen and a strong interest in growing and
managing the TGIC franchise in your territory, we invite you to contact us for more information.

Why Franchise with us?

We envision a safe and respectful world built around values of Empathy, Equality and Inclusion

Our success is our love for what we do and our 30 years of experience in running school businesses.

We share knowledge, expert advice to empower teachers to give all children an equal opportunity to attend school

We are on a mission to achieve a global system change in education through teaching toco-exist from a young age.

This is line with the UN Sustainable Goal 4: Our aim to ensure that all children, including those with disabilities, can go to school together

1. Proven Business Model and Operating Systems - We provide the curriculum, and the processes, to manage and operate the school. You will be able to tap on our proven business model, operating systems and tools as well as our ongoing transfer of knowledge in special needs provisions.

2. Comprehensive Initial Training - We will conduct thorough initial training on all aspects of setting up the school, which will include the use of curriculum and programme materials, training, and other essential elements that you need to operate the school.

3. Proprietary Teaching Curriculum & Materials - You will have access to our proprietary and tested methodology in SEN provisions, curriculum, programmes and teaching materials. This consists of course materials, multimedia tools, hardware, software, equipment and other materials.

4. Documented Operating Procedures - Our comprehensive franchise manual will bring you up to speed and provide an in-depth understanding of our operating procedures for the business, equipping you with the knowhow and skills to deliver The GUILD brand experience.

5. Professional Skills Development - Staff members will receive comprehensive training which will equip them with additional knowledge required to deliver the curriculum and programmes.

6. Ongoing Commitment to Your Success - As you embark on this journey of franchising, we are committed to growing our partnership with you by providing ongoing support in the form of training, advancements, updates to the curriculum and programmes, business reviews, and student certification

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the ideal profile of a franchisee of TGIC?

You must share the same passion and love for educating children and have the financial and manpower resources to invest in the franchise business. Additionally, you should preferably have experience in the education or related industries.

2. What types of franchise opportunities are available from TGIC?

We offer the following types of franchise opportunities:
a. Area Franchise – You are given the franchise rights to manage and operate multiple TGIC centres in a specific territory. There are no rights to sub-franchise.
b. Single Unit Franchise – You are given the franchise rights to manage and operate one TGIC centre in a specific territory.

3. What are the franchising fees for a TGIC franchise?

The main franchising fees are:
a. Initial franchise fee (one–time and non-refundable). This fee covers the initial franchise business setup support, training of the staff of the franchisee.
b. Ongoing royalty based on a certain percentage of the revenue generated from the Franchise business The fee amounts above will largely depend on the location and size of the franchise territory. All fees are net of taxes.

4. What is the term for a TGIC franchise?

The initial term is between 5 to 10 years, depending on the type of franchise. The term can be renewed for another 5 to 10 years if there is no material breach of the terms in the franchise agreement during the initial term. There will be a renewal fee, payable prior to the expiry of the initial term. Any renewal shall be at our discretion.

5. What training will be provided to a new franchisee?

We will provide you comprehensive start-up training on the know-how, methods, procedures, processes and standards needed to operate the TGIC franchise business efficiently and effectively. We will also provide you a detailed Design Guide to guide you.

We invite you to take the following steps

Steps to Franchise Journey

1. Complete the enquiry form

2. Introduction to the franchise opportunity

3. Submit a business plan to us

4. Both parties discuss the business plan

5 . Receive the franchise terms sheet

6. Sign letter of intent and pay a deposit

7. Review and sign franchise agreement

8. Pay remaining franchise fees

9. Construction or renovation of site

10. Receive training on operations

11. Begin operating school