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To be recognized as the most inspirational inclusive school for secondary 

and post-secondary

  To be recognized as the most inspirational inclusive school for secondary and post-secondary



Showing good judgement, behaving correctly, and making decisions independently

At The GUILD, we are student-centred
and believe in the following

We believe in focusing on the best possible outcomes in personal success for all learners and their families

We believe that students thrive in a safe community where they are valued for what they can do and not what they cannot do

We believe that when students have supportive educators and peers who are respectful, kind and patient, learning is stimulated, and friendships are developed

We believe in actively seeking opportunities for extended learning activities, and for partnerships which support further education, employment and independent living


Creating memorable school experiences in a supportive diverse learning environment for all learners according to their needs and abilities, and in which everyone's well-being is taken care of.

Our Core Values


Using the imagination or original ideas to create something new or to find solutions


Showing generosity, consideration or concern for others without expecting praise or reward


Continuing or recovering quickly after being knocked down or challenged by adversities


Showing due regard for the feelings, wishes, and rights of other people


Showing good judgement, behaving correctly, and making decisions independently

We aim to give our students


A Transformational Experience Based on the Finnish Model of Education

By making mental and physical well-being a priority for their students, Finnish schools have astounded the world with their top international academic rankings and high-impact approach to learning. At The GUILD International College, we have partnered with EduCluster Finland (ECF) – a subsidiary of the University of Jyväskylä – to bring the phenomenal Finnish education model to Singapore, so our students receive an inclusive, effective, personalised and life-changing education.


Skills and Experience That Will Help Them Thrive in Life

In an ever-changing economy, students need in-demand vocational skills that will be useful today and tomorrow. We prepare students to boldly step out into the employment market, and also to adapt and improvise for the future. Beyond vocational skills, we also teach students financial literacy, decision-making and interpersonal skills. Our students will get many opportunities to connect with and learn from industry professionals who can offer coaching or chances for employment.

A Holistic Education that Nurtures Mind, Body and Character

We know that physical, psychological, and emotional well-being is crucial for successful lifelong learning and professional development. We incorporate health and fitness, social skills and decision-making training into our curriculum so our students learn how to keep their bodies and minds healthy.


The Confidence They Need to Step into a Bright Future

We encourage our students to think independently, to take initiative, and to work with us to design their own career paths. Our programmes are highly flexible and adaptable and can be personalised to meet the needs of each individual.