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Transition One Programme

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Course Details

About The Programme
This programme is for students transitioning to independent living. Students will learn the skills they need to live independently, as well as how to confidently face real-world challenges outside the school environment. Students who are ready for employment will get the chance to explore pre-vocational skills that will enable them to work in a structured workplace. Students will graduate with a certificate from The GUILD International College.
3 Years
Year One – 16 to 18 Years Old
Year Two – 19 to 21 Years Old
Year Three – 22 to 25 Years Old
Class Size
18 students maximum
Teacher Ratio
One Class Tutor, one SEN Teacher Extra support is provided if needed for students with a higher level of needs.
Course Description

Our Core Curriculum Areas of Learning are:

• English (speaking, listening, writing and reading)
• Mathematics (functional numeracy, money skills to support independent living)
• Social skills
• Health, physical education and well-being
• CAPA (Creative Arts and Performing Arts)
• Independent living skills

Individualised Learning Programme (ILP)

An individual learning programme (ILP) is designed collaboratively by tutors, teachers, parents, and specialists for each student. The ILP will list the short and long-term goals for each student. The plans will focus on students’ individual needs, the teaching strategies required to support them, as well as ways that the student’s family can engage in and contribute to the student’s educational development. ILPS’s are reviewed at the end of each term to ensure that students are making good progress.

Overview of Learning Activities

• Face-to-face learning at the campus
• Off-site learning with school partners to gain work experience.
• Individual and group work
• Assignments for certificate and short courses (only for transition to work programmes)

Class Timing

8:30 am to 3 pm
Onsite learning as well as off-site work experiences for students who will transition to work (2 – 3 times per week)


• Each student will be required to bring a laptop
• Each student will be required to wear The GUILD polo shirt with The GUILD navy blue shorts/skirt/trousers.

Independent Living Skills

The main aim of this programme is to prepare students for independent living outside the school environment. Students will have the opportunity to be involved in pre-vocational work experience in areas such as domestic skills, living skills, office work and supported workplaces.

CAPA (Creative Arts and Performing Arts)

Under the guidance of our experienced teachers, students will be involved in an enriching arts-based programme that introduces them to music, dance, drama and more. This programme will help students gain more body awareness, learn new movements, and improve their balance, coordination, concentration, and memory. We aim to bring students together to practise and perform while respecting each other, so they can share their skills, communicate with confidence, as well as discover their love for the arts.


Entry Requirements

We want to be sure that The GUILD is the right choice for your child. We welcome applicants who are looking to take the next step towards independent living in our nurturing and supportive environment.

Our programmes are designed to meet both the educational and personal needs of the child as an individual. To help us fully understand what your child needs and identify the best programme for them, we also require parents and former educators to provide us with reports on their child’s academic, social and emotional needs.

Students must be able to follow instructions with prompts and communicate relatively well. Each student is to come in for a pre-admission interview so we can assess if they need any additional educational support.

All students must be a Dependant Pass holder, Singapore Permanent Resident or Singaporean.


Our programmes are well planned to address the development of students in areas of learning in literacy, numeracy, life skills and fitness. Sessions start at 9am and they have a schedule that takes them up to 3pm or 5pm on some days based on work place training needs. We support each student and  customize our pedagogical approaches to meet their individual needs. Our priority is to equip students with life skills to transition to adulthood as well as equip them with vocation specific skills to help them increase their chances of employability. We place great emphasis on attendance, grooming, health and hygiene, socially and work appropriate behaviours, self regulation etc to help them integrate into the larger community.

The GUILD offers a nurturing college experience that is based on best practises. We create opportunities for learning as well as guide our students through their transition from school to college to independent living. We are patient and help students take the time needed to learn, be confident instead of being forced into set time frames. We believe in life long learning  and our college provides real life experiences that empower students from a young age. We work closely with partners and have a shop, café and gym on site for students to have  real work experiences before transitioning to an independent role in the community.

The GUILD is a best suited for students who are keen to pursue an area of interest in a trade like carpentry, sports, hospitality, retail or art such as painting, design, photography, dance etc . Students are encouraged to be curious and can pursue further education in area of expertise. We help students gain confidence as we believe that everyone can contribute to society in some way and in area that they excel.

We have one tutor and one SEN teacher for a class of 18 students. Plus, students get to work with masters of trade in a few areas of learning.

The GUILD is committed to all students achieving their potential and having access to the support which allows them to excel. We place great focus on building, embedding and developing a relationship with parents based on mutual trust. There are a few types of parental involvement activities at The GUILD. Parents are welcomed as volunteers, help support learning and development at home, collaborate with the community partners as well as support other parents who may need help.