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We prepare secondary and post-secondary special needs and mainstream students with additional support for independent living and provide them with the skills and experience they need to work and thrive in life

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Secondary and Post-Secondary Education For Teens
Who May Not Fit The Narrow Pathways of Standardised Education

Students from
20+ countries

We celebrate diversity and promote international mindedness, so students can grow into mindful global citizens.

Age range:
12 - 25 years old

Students 12-25 years old who would thrive in a non-academic, non-traditional curriculum.

State-of-the-art educational facilities

Art and Design Studio, Zen Room, Carpentry Studio, DJ Studio, Life Skills Room and more, dedicated to creating a nourishing ground for future changemakers.

Highly personalised programmes

Our highly personalised programme meet the needs of students who may not fit the narrow pathways of standardised education.

Industry collaborations for life-long skills

The GUILD International College has strong industry connections, so our students can get access to work experience and future employment in fields such as culinary, arts, sports, carpentry, photography, design and technology.

Welcoming and Supporting Community

Our warm and friendly school atmosphere helps students feel safe and included. With small classes of up to 16 students, we ensure not only a good student-teacher ratio but also a very personalised learning experience.

Why Parents Like You Choose The GUILD

While learning support is offered in many schools, the support offered in our boutique-sized international school extends to helping students academically and socially, as well as helping them gain community living skills and vocational skills.

The comprehensive Australian educational pathway The GUILD International College follows provides two learning routes to students depending on their learning needs.

✅Route A features special needs education
✅Route B offers mainstream education for ages 13 to 18 (Year 6 to 12), with an option for students to stay on till 25 years old should need extra time to complete their learning journey.

You’ll only find small classes in this inclusive family-run school, where students are guided by caring and committed teachers.

The school also adopts a collaborative approach with therapists and counsellors to address its students’ needs on a daily basis.

Facilities on campus include an Art and Design Studio, Woodworking Studio, DJ Studio, Filmmaking and Photography Studio, Podcast Studio, Culinary Studio, Life Skills room, multipurpose hall, cafe, gym, and more.

"The right size and programme offerings up until his 21st year of age"

We moved from London this year to Singapore. Our 15-year-old son Nicolas has Down Syndrome. We have always offered him the same opportunities for growth we have for his sister. We searched for an educational team with the same vision, a school that was the right size, and programme offerings up until his 21st year of age so that we wouldn’t have to look for another in 2- or 3-years’ time. We found all of this at The GUILD International College. Nicolas is always happy to go to school and talks about his activities and his lovely teachers every day. I love that the teaching style is more of thinking ‘out-of-the-box’ and learning is on a practical approach. It’s not about the grades, but advancement in knowledge to help Nicolas become more confident. A teaching team who listens and reacts to feedback is a big bonus. We are looking forward to seeing how much progress our son makes at the end of his first year!

Nicholas’ Mother

"It is the kind of environment that he needs"

Pio is happy and proud to be at his new school, The GUILD International College. It is a caring community with committed teachers and staff. It is the kind of environment that he needs where he can learn more about himself, develop his skills and be ready for work and for life! We are very inspired by the school’s purpose and values to strengthen the wellbeing, enable and empower the students. They offer personalised trade-based program and provide experiences and areas of interest. It gives us sense of promise and hope that opportunities will be available for our children in the future.

Jonet and Red
Pio’s Parents

Here’s How We Prepare Our Students With:

Work Related Skills

Students are involved in work experience programs in areas such as; gardening, domestic skills, office work, Hospitality and Supported Workplaces.

Leisure and Recreation

Students are exposed to a variety of sports activities that actively involves them in making choices and participating in new skills.
Co-ordination, teamwork and physical activity are also encouraged in Dance and Sports activities.

Independent Living Skills

Living skills is a major component and involves two main areas:

The House: This house provides a ‘real life’ environment where students can learn and practice a variety of independent living skills such as grooming, meal preparation and domestic skills such as vacuuming, washing dishes, making beds and ironing.

Community Awareness

This includes Travel training (road safety, pedestrian skills and public transport) and skills to interact with others in their environment through placing orders, making requests and purchasing goods as part of a community.

Community Access teaches them how to access facilities and what they are required to do in order to take part in specific community-based activities.

Where Are We Located

The GUILD International College 
318A Tanglin Rd
Phoenix Park
Singapore 247979
+65 6235 8240

"A great place for Rhea to enhance her skills and confidence"

Rhea has been going to The GUILD since it started last year. She enjoys her time at the college which has passionate teachers who work really hard to ensure that the children are able to have basic English and Numeracy skills as well as daily living skills. From all the various vocations provided by The GUILD, Rhea has enjoyed learning Music, Woodwork, Drama and IT skills the most. I also like that she is able to work at the inhouse cafe and gain confidence while doing so. All in all a great place for Rhea to enhance her skills and confidence.

Pooja Dudeja
Rhea’s Mother

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