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An inclusive school that caters to every need of your child

The GUILD International College is an inclusive school integrating both special needs and mainstream students with additional support. We aim for our students to grow in curiosity, openness to different programmes, creativity, empathy, and a joy for learning.

Who is The GUILD For?

Students 12-25 years old who would thrive in a non-academic, non-traditional curriculum.

Students with a natural flair or interest in Arts and Trade based subjects like Design & Tech, Food, Horticulture, Sound Engineering, or Entrepreneurship.

Students who will benefit from a differentiated, diverse learning environment and from personalised programmes.

Our School’s Programmes


special needs education



Pathways Programme
Transition Programme
Career Pathways Programme

Middle School ( Year 6 to Year 10)
High School ( Year 11 & Year 12)

The GUILD International College

At The GUILD International College, we aim to inspire lifelong learners and help students plan for their future by engaging them to design their own path at our inclusive school. We see the whole student – mind, body, spirit – and encourage them to acquire new skills and ‘real life experience’ that will enable them to work, learn and thrive.

Our highly personalised programme meet the needs of students who may not fit the narrow pathways of standardised education. By building their skills, strengthening their wellbeing, and empowering them, we give our students enduring capabilities that will transform them and serve them long after their graduation.

Highly Personalised Programmes

Our highly personalised programme meet the needs of students who may not fit the narrow pathways of standardised education. By building their skills, strengthening their wellbeing, and empowering them, we give our students enduring capabilities that will transform them and serve them long after their graduation.

Industry Collaborations for Life-Long Skills

Hands-on experience is important for acquiring life-long skills that employers seek. The GUILD International College has strong industry connections, so our students can get access to work experience and future employment in fields such as culinary, arts, sports, carpentry, photography, design and technology.

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State-of-the-Art Educational Facilities

The GUILD’s campus boasts of multifaceted facilities such as Art and Design Studio, Multipurpose Hall, Zen Room, Carpentry Studio, Life Skills Room and more, dedicated to creating a nourishing ground for future changemakers. These facilities are in line with the founders ideology to create a space for sustainable education.

Our Inclusive School in Singapore Aims to Give Our Students

A Transformational Experience Based on the Australian Model of Education

By making mental and physical well-being a priority for their students, Australian schools have astounded the world with their top international academic rankings and high-impact approach to learning.

Skills and Experience That Will Help Them Thrive in Life

In an ever-changing economy, students need in-demand vocational skills that will be useful today and tomorrow. We prepare students to boldly step out into the employment market, and also to adapt and improvise for the future.

A Holistic Education that Nurtures Mind, Body and Character

We know that physical, psychological, and emotional well-being is crucial for successful lifelong learning and professional development. We incorporate health and fitness, social skills and decision-making training into our curriculum so our students learn how to keep their bodies and minds healthy.

The Confidence They Need to Step into a Bright Future

We encourage our students to think independently, to take initiative, and to work with us to design their own career paths. Our programmes are highly flexible and adaptable and can be personalised to meet the needs of each individual.

Hear From Our Parents

Pio is happy and proud to be at his new school, The GUILD International College. It is a caring community with committed teachers and staff. It is the kind of environment that he needs where he can learn more about himself, develop his skills and be ready for work and for life! We are very inspired by the school’s purpose and values to strengthen the wellbeing, enable and empower the students. They offer personalised trade-based programmes and provide experiences and areas of interest. It gives us a sense of promise and hope that opportunities will be available for our children in the future.
Jonet and Red
We moved from London this year to Singapore. Our 15-year-old son Nicolas has Down Syndrome. We have always offered him the same opportunities for growth we have for his sister. We searched for an educational team with the same vision, a school that was the right size, and programme offerings up until his 21st year of age so that we wouldn't have to look for another in 2- or 3-years' time. We found all of this at The GUILD International College. Nicolas is always happy to go to school and talks about his activities and his lovely teachers every day. I love that the teaching style is more of thinking 'out-of-the-box' and learning is on a practical approach. It's not about the grades, but advancement in knowledge to help Nicolas become more confident. A teaching team who listens and reacts to feedback is a big bonus. We are looking forward to seeing how much progress our son makes at the end of his first year!
One of our reasons for moving to Singapore was to secure a good school for our son Patrick, 14, who has a rare condition called Alternating Hemiplegia of childhood. The school needed to have facilities that supported him during occasional spells where he needs to use a wheelchair. The Guild was one of the very few places with both good accessibility on all floors, and a custom stair climber that allows less mobile students to ascend to the upper floor. Secondly, we knew Patrick would benefit from small group instruction and a variety of learning experiences that focussed on the essentials, literacy and numeracy, as well as practical activities. The modified Australian curriculum offered by The Guild, with an emphasis on life and real-world skills, have met Patrick's needs exceptionally well. The teachers and school staff are friendly, enthusiastic and energetic, and we've all been made to feel very welcome. The parents are great too and Patrick has appreciated the interaction with friends from his class. Thanks to everyone at The Guild!
Thomas Way
Patrick's dad
"Rhea has been going to The Guild since it started last year. She enjoys her time at the college which has passionate teachers who work really hard to ensure that the children are able to have basic English and Numeracy skills as well as daily living skills. From all the various vocations provided by The Guild, Rhea has enjoyed learning Music, Woodwork, Drama and IT skills the most. I also like that she is able to work at the inhouse cafe and gain confidence while doing so. All in all a great place for Rhea to enhance her skills and confidence."
Pooja Dudeja
Rhea's mom

Our School's Founders

Founders of the Guild International College Singapore

Jayne and Ganesh

At The GUILD, my husband Ganesh and I want our students to be curious, to try different activities, to be creative, be empathetic and to enjoy learning. We believe in training the infinite mindset and empowering our young adults to be individuals who can trust themselves, who are keen to collaborate with others, and who are not afraid to make mistakes. We want our students to have the courage to be the best that they can be.”

Every student deserves a great education. They deserve experiences and learning that fit them, and that can unlock their potential, enhance their confidence and open doors to wonderful opportunities in their life. We believe everyone has a right to a good education. The GUILD International College makes this a reality for students underserved by the current system, and we are proud to offer a safe space that is welcoming to all in our community.

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Who is The GUILD For?